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National Institute of Horticultural and Herbal Science NIHHS
Department of Horticultural Crop Research
Department of Herbal Crop Research
  • Planning and Coordination Division
  • General Service Division
  • Horticultural and Herbal Crop Environment Division
  • Technology Services Division
  • Postharvest Research Division
  • Vegetable Research Division
  • Fruit Research Division
  • Floriculture Research Division
  • Urban Agriculture Research Division
  • Ginseng Research Division
  • Herbal Crop Research Division
  • Mushroom Research Division
  • Herbal Crop Utilization Research Team
  • Research Institute of Climate Change and Agriculture
  • Protected horticulture Research Institute
  • Apple Research Institute
  • Pear Research Institute
  • Citrus Research Institute
  • NIHHS Namhae Branch