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Seed development

Develop new horticultural and herbal varieties to be a leading country in the seed industry.

To cope with Free Trade Agreements, royalties, and new demands in the future, NIHHS develops new cultivars for vegetables, fruits, flowers, ginsengs, medicinal plants, and mushrooms that meet the global standards.
  • 'Daewang'Strawberry
  • Anthracnose-resistant peppers
  • 'Rubi-S’ Small & medium size apples
  • 'Joyskin’ Pear to eat unpeeled
  • 'Jesigold’ Kiwi fruits
  • 'Baekma’ Chrysanthemum for export
  • 'Cheonryang’ Salt-resistant and high-yielding ginseng
  • 'Mongdol’ Oyster mushroom